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33crmntiB Flat Steel

33crmntiB Flat Steel


  As the raw material of the key parts of the forklift truck, the flat forklift steel is used to process the forklift cargo. It is required that the fatigue life to be more than one million times, the hardenability is narrow and the mechanical performance is stable. At the same time, the surface quality and the external dimension are highly required. Therefore, before the development and production of this product, the technical department of the company fully discussed and studied with the production branch to determine the process scheme and ensure the one-time development of large-size flat steel. The product passed the user performance test and fatigue life test successfully, and its fatigue life reached over 2 million times.

  The company adopts flat forklift steel produced in converter after the long process of melting and rolling, with pure ingredient, uniform and stable composition and excellent comprehensive performance such as hardenability and processing performance. Dimensional precision is high, surface quality is good. It is mainly used for manufacturing large and medium-sized cargo forks. The products sell well at home and abroad, and its market share exceeds 70% The development of flat steel with larger specifications was successful.