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9sicr Flat Steel

9sicr Flat Steel

    Bearing Flat Steel is mainly used for inlaid steel slideway, linear slideway and machine tool slideway that require high hardness and wear resistance. The parts that support and guide motion members moving along a certain track are called slideway pairs, also commonly referred to as slideways. The motion track of moving parts is straight, circle or curve. The rolling circular slideway can be classified into rolling thrust bearing. Curved slideways are rarely used in machinery. Slideway is a very important part in machine, especially in machine tool. The machining precision of machine tool is directly related to the precision of slideway. The processing workload of slideway in precision machine tool in low-volume production accounts for about 40% of the whole machine tool processing workload. Moreover, once the slideway is damaged, the maintenance is very difficult. According to the principle of kinematics, the slideway is a device that constrains motion components to only one degree of freedom. In the slideway pair, the slideway surface on the supporting member is the bearing guide surface, which is called static rail. It is longer. The other guide surface is located on the moving member, which is called moving rail. It is shorter. The moving member with moving slideway is often called worktable, sliding platform. And common slideway surface is plane or arc. The circular guide surface forms a cylindrical slideway; in different combination of flat slideway surface, when the friction between rectangular slideway surface is sliding friction, it is called sliding slideway. And when a rolling element is placed between slideway surface, the friction becomes rolling friction, it is called rolling slideway. The slideway is divided into closed and open type. The closed slideway can withstand overturning moment, while the open slideway cannot.