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40cr Flat Steel

40cr Flat Steel


  1. The chain consists of four major series: transmission chain; Conveyor chain; Pulley chain; Special specialty chain

  2. A series of usually metallic links or rings: chains used to block a traffic lane, such as at the entrance of a street, river or harbor; chain used on mechanical drive;

  3. The chain can be divided into precision roller chains with short pitch; precision roller chain with long pitch; offset roller chain for heavy-load mechanical drive; Chain for cement machinery, leaf chain; High-strength chain.

  According to different uses and function, the chain can be divided into four types: transmission chain, transmission chain, traction chain and special specialty chain.

  1. Transmission chain: mainly used for transmission of power.

  2. Transport chain: mainly used for conveying materials.

  3. Traction chain: mainly used for dragging and lifting.

  4. Special chain: with special functions and structures, mainly used on special mechanical devices.